Don’t leave it too late

On being a Court of Protection Deputy

My Mother has been appointed as a Deputy (through the Court of Protection) to my father who has advanced Alzheimers Disease.
It is a very long drawn out and quite intrusive procedure and all actual relatives do have to be contacted for their agreement (or otherwise).  It wasn’t any fun at all.
It’s also quite expensive and my Mother will have to pay a substantial yearly insurance premium too.
I just wish that we’d managed to get Lasting  Power of Attorney instead, when Dad was more capable…..he got ill very fast and it was suddenly too late.


(This lady did not have our help, but the clear lesson is that everyone should get Lasting Powers of Attorney in place at the earliest possible moment, just in case.  Ed.

If you do need help with a Court of Protection Deputyship application etc, contact us, our fees are relatively reasonable.)