Court of Protection Problems England and Wales

Court of Protection Problems

Court of Protection problems mean it isn’t universally popular.   We can’t say whether that is fair or not, and we make no comment on the matters linked to on this page.  But we do stand ready to provide relatively economical help to avoid or solve Court of Protection problems.  You can contact us on 01323 406 299 to discuss your case and our relatively modest fees.

Most likely the Court of Protection’s reputation for problems is in reality largely a result of the lack of understanding of the general public when it comes to legal planning and in particular Lasting Powers of Attorney.  If you can’t touch an essential bank account for 6 months or the Local Council insists on putting you wife/ mother / husband / father into a Care Home you know they will hate, you will get a tad upset.

So you may want to try to avoid ever being in the situation where Court of Protection problems become YOUR problems.

F.A.C.T Families Against Court of Protection Theft is an organisation of those who have had problems dealing with the Court of Protection problems (CoP) and Office of Public Guardian (OPG) and are based in the UK. There has been 15,735 recorded complaints of abuse, fraud and corruption from Dec 2001- Dec 2010 (9 years) of the CoP and OPG in the UK.

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Money from their house sale went into a Court of Protection account.…. Initially, the problem was the length of time it was taking for the court to..

Oppose Predatory Guardians:  a site devoted to Court of Protection problems “Welcome to the website that is working to expose theproperty/financial rape/cleansing of the elderly/vulnerable “whom hold capacity” and whom are being forced into care homes against their will by government/judiciary agents whom want to steal & plunder their assets/cash!”

Autistic woman banned from having sex in latest Court of Protection case.

A senior judge has effectively banned a vulnerable young woman from having sex on the grounds that she does not understand the risks involved.

The Court of Protection deals with some 23000 cases a year and now manages some 3.2 billion of assets on behalf of the persons whose affairs it controls.

Secret court seizes £3.2bn from elderly… and even forces furious families to pay to access own bank account.

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John Hemming MP: Court of Protection must be reformed.

The Court of Protection suffers from the same procedural problems as the rest of the Family Division.