Court of Protection Fees England and Wales

Court of Protection Fees.

Fees for Court of Protection

Fees for Court of Protection

Our fees for Court of Protection advice are in addition to the Court of Protection fees. Generally speaking, it may be possible to reclaim the fees from the assets of the person whose welfare is at the centre of all the activity.  But Court permission must be given. Should you need professional advice, we are on 01323 406299.

Court of Protection Fees (COP44).  COP44A possible discounted fees.

Who pays the Court of Protection Fees?

Fees are paid by the person making the application or appeal in the first instance. However, the Judge may decide that you can reclaim the fee from the person you are trying to help, or perhaps from someone else.

Hearing fees also are paid by the applicant. Once again, the Judge may decide someone else should pay, as above.  Where the hearing is about an appeal, the Court of Protection fee is paid by the person making the appeal.

Copies of Court of Protection documents are paid by whoever wants them.

Applications and hearings that are related to objections to the registrations of Enduring Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney are not charged for, and nor are some appeals.

Court of Protection application fee: £400 – paid when you start Court proceedings, or applying for permission to start proceedings

Court Protection appeal fee: £400 – payable on filing an appeal against a Court decision or asking for permission to appeal against such a decision.

Court of Protection hearing fee: £500.00 – payable when the Court has held a hearing to decide on the fate of an application and has made the final order, declaration or decision

Copy of document fee: £5.00 – if you require additional copies of a Court of Protection order.

Copy of certified document fee: £0 – there is no longer a fee for copies of certified documents.  We don’t quite follow the logic here!

Payment is to Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service, normally by cheque, but it is possible to pay them (and us) by card.

Those on low incomes or benefits could be exempt from Court of Protection fees, or be able to pay reduced fees.  If this applies to you, you may wish to take advice from a solicitor with a Legal Aid franchise.  Although their hourly rate will almost certainly be far higher than ours, there may be benefits to you in these limited circumstances.

Court of Protection Fees.