Court of Protection Advice England and Wales

Court of Protection advice is available from us at modest cost.

Court of Protection advice can be pretty expensive, but we aim to help as much as we can at reasonable cost. We do offer the facility to give brief free advice in response to an email. Or by telephone (by appointment only) on 01323 406299. But this is only free if it is very brief and simple.

We can’t offer any free advice other than that, otherwise we would not be able to charge such modest hourly rates for Court of Protection advice.   Give us a call and we will be happy to confirm the rates.

Can’t afford solicitors fees?

Firstly, has the person definitely lost mental capacity?  Often people can be fine on some days and not so good on others, so it might be worth talking to us about Lasting Powers of Attorney which are much cheaper in the long run.

For folk with capital under £16,000, it is possible that the persons Local Authority will apply, but they will not apply for the family to run the Deputyship, but for themselves to do so.  This method is therefore not suitable if the family wish to maintain control.

We do appreciate that the cost of using solicitors, even us, is substantial.  There is nothing to stop you attempting the process yourself.  You could even ask Citizens Advice for help. But you are welcome to come back to us if that doesn’t work for you.

We are NOT the Court of Protection – we are specialist solicitors.

Court of Protection AdviceOur team is led by our a solicitor and a Chartered Legal Executive.    Please visit our Court of Protection Advice enquiry page so we can work through your situation and see how we can help. Or ring 01323 406299.

Ours is quite a holistic approach so it is possible our suggestions won’t involve further expenditure on legal advice. However, every situation is different.

In some cases:

  • We’ll be able to organise the making of Lasting Powers of Attorney.
  • We may be able to protect assets and cut probate fees.
  • We can introduce you to advisers who can help improve the quality of life of the person, and slow or avoid the seemingly inevitable move into Long Term Care.
  • If you don’t have your own financial adviser, we can introduce you to one if appropriate (we don’t offer financial advice, but we do work with 500+ financial advisers.)
  • Failing that it may be necessary to help organise an application to The Court of Protection for a family member to be appointed as the person’s Deputy.  This is likely to take a few months, sadly.
  • In the interim we can apply on your behalf for special Court of Protection Orders to deal with urgent matters.

For Court of Protection Advice, contact us today.